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Financial Aid

Through loans, grants, and scholarships, FIU can help make your education even more affordable. Visit to help estimate what you can expect to pay for your FIU education. It’s important to apply by FIU’s FAFSA priority deadline date of March 1st for loans & grants. To view important payment deadlines:

Emergency Loan
This institutional program is designed to assist degree-seeking students with unforeseen events that are recognized as emergencies. All Emergency Loans Promissory Notes must be accompanied with written documentation of expenses. The maximum loan is $500 per semester and must be repaid within 30 calendar days. There is a $10 service fee.

Excess Credit Surcharge
In 2009, the Florida Legislature implemented section 1009.286, Florida Statutes to encourage students to complete their baccalaureate degree as quickly and efficiently as possible. It established what is commonly referred to as an “Excess Credit Hour Surcharge.” The bill requires universities to add a surcharge to each credit hour taken in excess of the total number of credit hours required to complete the degree being pursued. The amount in excess of the total hours is calculated based on a percentage defined in the law.

Funds for Books
Book funds are available to financial aid recipients only because the funds received as a Book Advance are simply an “advance” of the financial aid awarded, it is not additional financial aid.

If the total amount of the financial aid award for a semester (excluding FWS & Alternative/Private Loans) exceeds the cost of tuition and fees, one may be eligible for a Book Advance to purchase books and supplies at the beginning of the semester. If one qualifies, one will be notified through your FIU Email address and a Book Advance link will be posted on on Learner Services: Finances, and then Accept/Decline Awards.