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Global Strategic Communication

Management Track

This program gives students a global perspective in strategic communications to help them prepare for advancement in advertising, public relations, and integrated communications careers. The management track provides knowledge and understanding for addressing global, national, and local audiences and communication issues. Its curriculum reflects the evolving global climate, with international and global elements in branding, copywriting, social media, management, crisis, among others. Each track culminates with a professional project.

This program is a 30-credit course of study leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication. The program teaches communications theory and strategy, not necessarily technical skills. You will learn to analyze organizations’ business problems and recommend communications solutions using an array of communications strategies. You will learn an audience-focused, data-driven approach to communicating with publics. It is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes strategic planning and the integration of marketing communications and all communications tools.

The program is a good fit for:

  • Someone with an undergraduate degree in communications who wants to expand his/her knowledge for career advancement;
  • Managers who have received communication responsibilities and want to enhance their practical experience with strategic and theoretical knowledge as well as research skills, and;
  • People who want to prepare to enter the communications field from another career. For those individuals, additional preparation before entering the program is recommended.

Download the GSC Track Sheet

For more information on the GSC program, please contact Professor Aileen Izquierdo, Faculty Program Coordinator GSC Management Track