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Gustavo Godoy Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism

Join us in our fundraising effort to honor the legacy of Gustavo Godoy,
a beloved veteran broadcast journalist, lover of the arts, and friend of FIU Journalism + Media. 

Your donation will help fund the newly created Gustavo Godoy Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism, benefitting Spanish-speaking students in Florida International University’s Journalism + Media program.

For more information or to make a gift, contact Oliver Ionita, Senior Director of Development at 305-348-0045 or

The Gustavo Godoy Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism has been created to honor award-winning and legendary newsman Gustavo Godoy, who passed away on August 11, 2021 after a long and storied career. Godoy was among the first high-profile Hispanics to work in U.S. news media and is widely regarded as the pioneer of Spanish-language television news, largely considered the architect of what today is Univision Network News and Telemundo Network News. 

Gustavo Godoy’s keen ability for discovering young talent helped launch the successful careers of hundreds of journalists still working in the industry today.  A life-changing mentor to so many,  this scholarship fund in his name has been established to continue his work, supporting aspiring student journalists majoring in Broadcast Journalism at FIU in Miami.

Please join us in furthering Gustavo Godoy’s vision for promoting solid journalism at this critical time in history when good journalism is needed most, by making your donation today.  Your support will make a difference in the lives of young students pursuing this field with the same kind of passion and conviction for journalism Gustavo Godoy demonstrated throughout his career.

Together, we can continue to inspire the next generation to succeed and help keep Gustavo Godoy’s legacy alive through FIU’s future journalists!

All donations raised are tax-deductible and will benefit the Gustavo Godoy Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism. Should our goal of $50,000 be reached or surpassed with your donations, the endowment will be established in perpetuity. We thank you and appreciate your generosity.

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“Gustavo Godoy is the founding father of Spanish language television news in the United States. He gave many of us the opportunity to have a career in television journalism based on a profound respect for our community and reverence to truth and impartiality. “ 

José Díaz-Balart, Anchor, MSNBC Reports, NBC Nightly News Saturday and Special Reports for Noticias Telemundo.

“Gustavo Godoy was a pioneer and a visionary. He started what many believed to be impossible: a Spanish-language newscast that would compete with the best in the country. Gustavo opened the door for me when I needed it the most and he made me a better journalist. I’ll always remember his energy, his commitment to real news and his belief that Latinos, always, had to be part of the national conversation. 

Jorge Ramos, Senior News Anchor, Univision News.

“If Spanish language media is as influential and respected as it is now it’s because of pioneers like Gustavo Godoy who understood the importance of reporting to what was then, the fastest growing community in the country. He was without a doubt a visionary. Gustavo was not only committed to accurate and relevant reporting but also to prepare, support and develop young journalists to serve the Latino community. There are many respected Latino journalists working in the media now that owe their careers to Gustavo Godoy.” 

Maria Elena Salinas, Independent journalist and Contributor, ABC News.

Gustavo was ahead of his time …a true visionary who knew how to motivate others and focus on the future when naysayers doubted that a Spanish language national newscast would ever succeed. He was a creative spirit with an unparalleled passion and commitment to journalism and a keen eye for the truth…a born communicator whose inquisitiveness made all of us who worked and learned from him better journalists and human beings. Gustavo was my mentor and friend.  He believed in me when I didn’t.  He was persuasive in a subtle way…the twinkle in his eyes and smile on his face when pitching a story was enviable but never as admirable as the purpose in his heart. His legacy lives on in all of us whose lives he touched. 

Teresa Rodriguez, Anchor and Correspondent, “Univisionarios”, Univision News.
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