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Laura Carolina Machuca Pacheco

Major: Broadcast Media with a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics

STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020

Background: I was born in Lima, Peru, my family is also from Peru.
STEP was the first opportunity that I was given to venture into the world of multimedia production and journalism. Thanks to this program, I have been able to grow more as a professional, work alongside a wonderful team of individuals and do what I love the most!


Esperanza 2020” – Coronavirus Community Engagement Promo Video
The video for “Esperanza 2020” was an idea that I had for a while, ever since the coronavirus pandemic started and I wrote the script, produced the promo, edited the video and distributed it to the local markets. The promo was aired in all the Univision Texas local markets: Austin 62, San Antonio 41, Dallas 23, Houston 45 and Univision 41 NYC’s digital and social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I had always wanted to create and produce a promo video that would send a positive message to the viewers at home, especially during these difficult times, and when my script was accepted and read out loud by the talent, it was truly a dream come true for me!

Mejor Prevenir Interview Video: “¿Cómo podemos prevenir contagiarnos del covid-19?” – Entrevista a la doctora Aileen Marty de FIU.
The interview with Dr. Marty was divided into a set of 2 videos, I coordinated the interview, recorded the content, wrote the interview questions, produced the video and edited the interview into two final videos. Then, I distributed it to all of Univision local markets’s digital and social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In Digital, I was working in a campaign called “Mejor Prevenir” and I wanted to be able to provide the most accurate information to our viewers at home. The interview was an idea that I presented to the Digital team and I was really proud and happy for executing the project successfully from beginning to end by myself.

Mejor Prevenir Campaign: Social Media Graphics
In Digital, I worked as a Social Media Editor over the summer and had the opportunity to work with the first hyperlocal digital campaign called: “Mejor Prevenir”, where our goal was to inform our audience and give them tips and advice in regards to the latest news and events that surrounded the coronavirus pandemic and the “New Reality”. Every day, I produced and created social media graphics like “La vida diaria y cómo protegerte” and distributed it to all 18 local markets across the country, with a total of 54 accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using digital software such as Sprout, Later and Crowdtangle. Working on the campaign was a great experience because it taught me a lot about content creation, graphic design and editorial skills.