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Lucia Grijalva

Major: Journalism, Political Science

STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020

Background: I graduated FIU on may 2020 with a bachelor’s in Journalism with an area of concentration in political science. I am originally from Nicaragua, managua where all my family is born and came to the U.S 4 years ago to pursue my career as a journalist. STEP and SWAT has meant the world to me because not only it taught me important tools to succeed but it has also opened the doors to my future. It also made me clear my mind on what I actually wanted to be after graduation because they showed me every single field in the news environment. SWAT took me out of my comfort zone by giving me assignments I did not know how to do but I did them and learned from them and that is something I am very happy about. Both of the programs have given me the knowledge I needed upon starting a job.


Univision CONTIGO tiene como misión empoderar entretener e informar a los hispanos. Apoyan a la comunidad en temas de educacion, salud, divesidad, etc. a traves de campanas de impacto social. This year they wanted to show more of the contigo and they rebranded it. So I helped in creating the elements that were going to be distributed to all the univision stations. I did the branding guide, opening, intro, bumps and plasmas of CONTIGO, Here I am only showing you a little bit of what I did for CONTIGO which is this Wall Loop, I am proud of this because it took me out of my comfort zone, I did it on after effects a software i never thought I was going to use and that I thought It was so complicated, I was so scared to try it until CONTIGO. This loop was distributed to Atlanta, Bakersfield, Bay Area, Fresno, Houston, Miami, North Carolina, New York, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico and Sacramento.

2. Listos California:
At the beginning of the pandemic the state of california wanted to create a spot to inform the people to stay home and take precautions so Univision was helping them I joined the team and created for them the storyboard which they loved and was very useful to create the spot. I am very proud of this work because it was my first time working with the multimedia team and did not know much on how they work, so I created the storyboard on my ideas and they loved it. This was only delivered to California. I created the storyboard template and also helped to translate the script. This work gave me an insight on how a spot is produced.

3. UCN Branding Guide:
Amidst the pandemic, Univision has created new projects one it has been panel discussions through streamyard were they gather artists and discuss important topics. with the multimedia team, brianny, Soray, and Jazmine we have help in producing the show. I personally helped Kate who works in multimedia to create the graphics for these shows. below I attached the branding guide that I created to help them get a look and feel of what we are producing.