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Professional and Creative Work

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Gutsche, Jr., R. (2013). 305: Stories of Miami and South Florida, self-published iBook in collaboration with Florida International University Multimedia Production students. (Selected for presentation at 2013 FIU SJMC Media Arts Festival)

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MacMillin, K., & Pinto, J. (2014). “South Florida’s Rising Seas,” documentary aired on WPBT2, January.

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Reisner, N. (2013) Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny

[Contributor], New York Times, Feb. 4.

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Sheerin, M. (2013) Creative on 305 – from the Roots Out, a documentary about culture and diversity in Miami-Dade; accepted and screened at the inaugural FIU-SJMC Media Arts Film Festival (MAFF) in 2013. (Producer, Director).

Shumow, M. (2010). “Miami-Havana,” documentary, ARTE (France-Germany – online). (Producer, Director, Videographer).

Vigón, M. (2014). “Islam and Buenaventura,” Spanish-language documentary with English subtitles premiered in the 2014 LACC Affiliated Faculty Interdisciplinary Colloquium.

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