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Equipment Rentals

Students have access to equipment in the Equipment Room. Students enrolled in production courses, working for the South Florida Media Network or Student Media, or engaged in special projects may check out equipment. Students must request equipment at least 10 hours before checking it out and may use the equipment for up to five days.  There is no limit to how many times a student checks out gear. The inventory includes:

  • 32 digital audio recorders
  • 5 audio boom poles
  • 27 hand-held microphones
  • 79 lavalier microphones
  • 27 camera-mounted microphones
  • 14 shotgun microphones
  • 68 Canon HD camcorder kits (with bag, battery and cables)
  • 16 Samsung Gear 360 video kits (with bag, phone and cables)
  • 25 DSLR cameras
  • 31 HD cameras
  • 15 light kits
  • 8 mic stands
  • 90 tripods
  • Associated cables, headphones, adaptors, card readers, batteries  and power strips