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Soray Morgado

Major: Broadcast Journalism

STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020

Background: I was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban immigrants.

STEP/SWAT has been an experience I cannot put into words. I came into this program with some expectations, but I was completely blown away from the experience I gained. I have learned and have been able to work on many kinds of projects as well as work with an amazing team that truly wants you to learn and succeed.


1. Real Talk Panel Coordination:
One of the projects I was able to work on during the SWAT program this summer was being able to coordinate the show Real Talk. I was able to work with both the Univision Creator Network and the Se Habla USA team to help bring this show to life. The show covered many topics that uplift the voices of Afro-Latinx to educate and have real discussions within the Latinx community. I was responsible for coordinating all three shows they have had so far. I got to see everything from a zoomed-out approach and being able to coordinate these shows gave me a new appreciation for how a production like this is bloomed from the beginning and then fully executed.

2. Real Talk: Rhythms, Roots and Representation Social Media Graphics:
Not only was I able to coordinate the shows of Real Talk, but for the last show, Real Talk: Rhythms, Roots and Representation, I was able to help edit the social media graphics to promote the show. The social assets that I was responsible for included Instagram stories, Instagram post, Twitter and eBlast. I loved that I was able to help in other ways for this show and strengthen my experience with social media graphics and the use of Photoshop.

3. POSiBLE Executive Forum Website/Graphic:
POSiBLE Executive Forums was a livestream that presented businesses with helpful information and gain insight from professionals on how to elevate their growth as local businesses. In this project, I was able to help edit the website every week and made a graphic for the website as well. I enjoyed working on a different platform such as Mailchimp. I never worked with Mailchimp prior to this project and I was able to learn how to navigate through, gaining a better understanding of it.