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Serena Jimenez

Journalism Grad Wins Emmy for Local Work

Journalism graduate Serena Jimenez working at Miami’s WPBT2. Photo credit, Nicole Malanga.

Romina Herrera

Digital Media Studies Grad is Social Media Guru

Romina Herrera, who majored in digital media studies, is now the Web Content Coordinator for Miami’s Children’s Health System.

Jeffrey Pierre

Reporting on Race, Voting and Heading to NPR

Journalism major, Jeffrey Pierre, spent part of his summer covering voter disenfranchisement in place like Ferguson, Missouri, captured here.

Marlee Pereda-Ramos

Student Communicates NASA’s Missions

Caption: Journalism graduate Marlee Pereda-Ramos at NASA’s Mission Control.

Alyse Mier

Covering Capitol Hill as Local News

Alyse Mier, a journalism major, reported on Capitol Hill during summer 2016.