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Yazmine Hassan

Major: Digital Communications + Media
STEP Semester: Spring and Summer 2020
Background: I was born in New Jersey to a Dominican mother and a Palestinian father.
STEP/SWAT has been an amazing experience that has helped me gain the confidence I need to move forward in the workforce. I was exposed to several programs and projects that I never thought I would participate in and worked alongside a wonderful team that was always there to help and guide me.


  1. POSiBLE website
    POSiBLE is a brand meant to help and educate small businesses and entrepreneurs. I was tasked with writing the CSS (i.e. do the styling) for the national POSiBLE website. I worked alongside Univision employee Aaron Munoz who was responsible for the HTML. The site is being hosted on Univision’s main website and gives visitors access to relevant information about keeping your business afloat during the Pandemic as well as links to previous events. This was hands down one of my favorite projects to work on. I was able to strengthen my coding skills and collaborate with the multimedia team on designing this site.
  2. Univision Creator’s Network – Real Talk Panels
    For this project the multimedia team partnered with the Univision Creator’s Network, a subset of Univision aimed towards millennials, to produce a series of Livestreams on a streaming site called StreamYard. I worked as the technical director for all three streams, which meant I was responsible for switching the camera shots during the show. I was extremely proud to work on these streams as they covered several fascinating topics meant to boost the voices of Afro-Latinx influencers and educators. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of StreamYard, a tool I had never used before working at Univision.
  3. Summer Spotlight
    Summer Spotlight was a social media campaign proposed by the Creator’s Network to have viewers engage with popular social media influencers during quarantine. I was responsible for designing the logo and layout for the Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and flyers for the campaign. Unfortunately, the campaign was put on hold because the Creator’s Network wanted to focus on the Real Talk Streams, but I am still very happy that I was chosen to work on this project. I strengthened my skills in graphic design- more specifically in Photoshop- and gained insight on how social media campaigns are brought to life.