The department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design focuses on the development of the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities appropriate to the practice of landscape architecture, with a special emphasis on tropical and sub-tropical landscapes. Our goal is to educate individuals who can serve and lead the community in the enhancement of the quality of life through the aesthetic, meaningful, and sustainable design of the physical environment.

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The accelerated Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program provides a seamless course of study leading from undergraduate freshman year to the conferral of the Professional Master of Landscape Architecture degree. This 5-year track is for students wishing to enter the program directly from high school. During the first two years, landscape architecture students complete a Pre-Graduate Foundation in Design curriculum composed of professional core, and of general education course work. Successful students from Pre-Graduate Foundations in Design then matriculate into the final three years of the Accelerated Master of Landscape Architecture program.

Master of Landscape Architecture (3-year Track) – Candidates who possess a baccalaureate degree in any discipline are eligible for the Master of Landscape Architecture 3-Year Track. All MLA 3-year candidates should apply for the Summer Semester. Depending on the candidate’s background, the Department may require 3-year track students to take additional summer leveling courses before beginning studio in the Fall Semester.

Master of Landscape Architecture (2-year Track) – Candidates who possess a preprofessional undergraduate degree in planning design, landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, or interior design are eligible for the Master of Landscape Architecture 2-Year Track.

Master of Landscape Architecture (1-year Track) – The Master of Landscape Architecture 1-Year Track is a professional degree for individuals with a graduate degree in planning design, urban design, or architecture from an accredited professional program. Advanced standing may be granted, not to exceed 48 credits for graduate courses with a grade of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 point scale. Satisfactory completion of 36 credits in the following course of study is required. Candidates who possess a graduate degree in Architecture or Urban Design are eligible for the Master of Landscape Architecture 1-Year Track.

Master of Arts in Urban Design (MAUD) – The Master of Arts in Urban Design is a 36- credit graduate degree program that enables students to pursue interdisciplinary studies in advanced environmental urban design. As an environmental design based program, the MAUD combines collaborative design instruction, applied research, and knowledge of urban theory, planning, and economics. This graduate degree is for individuals with a Bachelor or Master of Architecture, a Bachelor or Master of Landscape Architecture, a Bachelor or Master of Interior Architecture, a Bachelor or Master of Science or Arts, a Bachelor or Master of Public Administration. One year of full-time study in residency is normally required. Study abroad options are also available. Satisfactory completion of 36 credits in the following course of study is required.

Certificate Program

The Certificate in Landscape Architecture offers students the ability to explore the design, planning, and management of regional landscapes. This program is developed to serve graduate students who would like to expand their academic experience with this area of specialized study. Focused on landscape design and development, the certificate seeks to extend students’ skills, knowledge, and critical thinking about the design, making, and managing of existing and built landscape environments. Students who wish to earn the Certificate in Landscape Architecture should contact the Advising Center at the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts in advance of pursuing this course of study.

MAUD – Master of Arts in Urban Design
MLA – Master of Landscape Architecture
GC – Graduate Certificate

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