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The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) is a professional degree fully accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB). This allows our graduates to apply for licensure as Landscape Architects. LAAB describes the accreditation process thusly:

Accreditation is a non-governmental, voluntary system of self-regulation. Its core is the concept of self-evaluation. The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) accreditation process evaluates each program on the basis of its stated objectives and compliance to externally mandated minimum standards. The program conducts a self-study to evaluate how well it is meeting its educational goals. LAAB then provides an independent assessment, which determines if a program meets accreditation requirements.

The Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design offers four LAAB-accredited MLA degree programs:

Master of Landscape Architecture five-year track (high school diploma + 157 credit hours)

Master of Landscape Architecture three-year track (pre-professional degree + 84 credit hours)

Master of Landscape Architecture two-year track (undergraduate degree in design + 60 credit hours)

Master of Landscape Architecture one-year track (professional degree in architecture + 36 credit hours)

Our next LAAB accreditation visit is in September 2018.

Important Documents

Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Procedures

LAAB Accreditation Letter, 2012

LAAB Visiting Team Report, 2012

LAAB Visiting Team Suggestions and Recommendations, 2012