With my background, what am I eligible for?
If you are graduating from high school, you are eligible to start in Design 1 of the MLA 5 year program. The first two years are undergraduate and the remainder are at the graduate level. If you are currently fulfilling your first two years of foundation work at a community college, you will jump into the MLA 5 year program with the first two years already done. The remainder of your work here will be at the graduate level. If you have already earned an accredited Bachelor’s degree in a non-design field, you are eligible to apply to our 3 year program. This is also referred to as the MLA 3 program. If you have already earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Landscape Architecture or Interior Design/Architecture, you may apply to our 2 year MLA. program. Still confused? Call the School of Architecture at 305-348-7500 to speak with a representative.
I am a transfer student. What classes should I take to be a competitive applicant?
Why do I need a professional/Master’s degree?
Currently, in the state of Florida, professionals must pass state-designed exams before earning licensure to practice. Earning a professional degree is one the essential steps towards being eligible to take the exam.
Why don’t you offer a BA/BA degree?
Our accreditation is for your undergraduate master’s programs. We shifted our curriculum to this model in 2009 in an effort to benefit our students. The program is now a seamless transition from undergraduate foundation to the professional degree.
What costs should I expect?
The cost of attending FIU during the academic year depends on a few factors. To see the university’s “Cost of Attendance” calculations, please click here.
What about my materials, supplies, etc?
Please expect to purchase materials like chipboard each semester. General printing costs in our lab are covered by your tuition. Only the 3D printer has an additional cost.
Do I need a laptop?
Yes, a laptop is required. For more information on our laptop initiative, please view Laptops + Software Information.
What if my GPA isn’t a 3.0?
If you are a graduate applicant, you may supplement your application with the GRE exam. For undergraduates, this is a strict requirement. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the department directly.
How do I apply; how much will it cost?
Applying to FIU’s Landscape Architecture Department is a two-step process. The cost for the online application is $30. There is no additional fee to submit a portfolio. 1. Apply online Students apply using the application found online. If you are a high school student or transfer, use the application found on the Undergraduate Admissions website. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, use the one found on the Graduate Admissions website. 2. Submit your portfolio Portfolios should be neatly bound and adhere to the 8.5×11 size requirement. It should be representative of your work, and may also include artistic pieces not related to the design field (eg. Paintings, pastels, drawings, photography)
How do I get a Panther ID?
After you apply using the online university application, you will receive a confirmation email with your Panther ID number. Memorize this number; it will help you access various tools at FIU. You should also place this number on your portfolio.
What if I want to visit?
Please call the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts to set up a tour. Our main office can be reached at (305)-348-7500.


Academic and Campus Life FAQS


How does parking work?
Parking fees are already assessed in your tuition each semester. This fee cannot be waived as it contributes to parking facilities, student shuttle services and road improvements. To order your decal, go to the Department of Parking and Transportation website: parking.fiu.edu.
Who will be my professors?
Professors in the Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design Department are creative, innovative and well equipped to provide a competitive education for the ever-changing world of design. To view in-depth faculty profiles, please view the Faculty Directory.
Who will help me pick my classes?
The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts has a team of dedicated academic advisors, readily available to provide guidance with course selection and keep you on track for an on-time graduation.
Where will I live?
While you are not required to live on campus, studies show that students living on campus are more involved in academic and extracurricular activities. In addition to being more satisfied with their overall university experience, students who live on campus also tend to succeed at higher rates than the general university student. Lakeview Hall is the residential community set aside for undergraduate students in the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts. In addition to amenities like Wi-Fi lounges, laundry facilities and paid utilities, students are able to access free tutoring and student programming through Housing staff. There are also on-campus housing facilities for graduate students. For information on rates and deadlines, please refer to housing.fiu.edu.
Where will I eat?
Florida International University has no shortage of places to eat. Students may opt to purchase a dining plan, or visit one of our 23 coffee shots, quick service or sit down restaurants. Recent additional places to please your tastebuds are Chili’s, Chic-Fil-A and Dunkin’ Donuts. The university strives to accommodate the dietary needs of all our students and provides ample vegetarian and kosher options. For more information, go to the “Dining” section on shop.fiu.edu.
How do I purchase a dining plan?
FIU serves many types of students, so there are 6 different meal plans to offer flexibility and convenience. Plans can be purchased online at shop.fiu.edu. While not required, purchasing a dining card saves you 10% off meal purchases across campus.
Where will I study?
There are two libraries here at FIU, but don’t think that you are limited to those two spaces. Students are found studying all over campus, from the Barnes and Noble Starbucks Lounge to our 24/7 studio spaces in the School of Architecture.
Who will be my friends?
With a total student body of 46,000, you have quite the ppol to pick from. The unique studio culture we offer makes it easy to get to know your design classmates. Late nights in the studio make it easy to bond quickly. APX, ASLA, AIAS and the Interior Architecture Student Organization are just a few of the student organizations at FIU.
What can I do for fun?
As a Division 1 school, we boast 13 premier sporting team including Football, Soccer, Swim and Cross Country. Florida International University has over 200 student clubs and organizations for you to participate in. From Greek Life to service organizations, there is something for every interest. You can also watch your fellow Panthers on stage at our Werthheim Performing Arts Center. Four plays are put on every year, in addition to the dozens of musical performances offered every semester.
What happens if I get sick?
FIU has a comprehensive University Health Services Office. Walk-in immunizations are given throughout the year for MMR, Hepatitis B and Meningitis. On weekdays, Health Services also acts as a Pharmacy for over the counter and prescription needs. In an effort to improve your overall wellness, Health Services also offers stress management courses, acupuncture and massages. For more information, go to healthservices.fiu.edu.