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IMAGO by MFA Students

November 30– December 27, 2016 IMAGO Curatorial Practice Gallery Curated/created by  -MFA Students Opening – Friday, December 9th 7pm The Artifacts of Pre-Columbian America provide us with a glimpse into the mysterious death-cult rituals that guide a person into the afterlife.  This exhibition explores the idea of metamorphosis or transformation from the earthly to the [...]

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Within/Without – BFA Thesis Projects

November 21-December 27, 2016 Main Gallery Within/Without BFA Thesis Projects Closing Reception: December 9th Graduating BFAs from FIU’s Art +Art History program offer twelve distinct visions that coalesce in a cohesive exploration of the unique character of Southern Florida. FIU Bachelors in Fine Arts  student work: Art + Art History

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Stars Project – Platform of Young Artists

November 14-17, 2016 “Stars Project – Platform of Young Artists” Art Exhibition showcasing 25 young student artists from China for a culture/art exchange program. “Stars Project – Platform of Young Artists” is sponsored by Happiness Trees Investment Management (beiijing) Co,Ltd, supported by Tree Art Museum and Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, and particular support [...]

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Mayaimi by Barbara Bollini

October 17, 2016 – November 18, 2016 Mayaimi Curatorial Practice Gallery Artist – Barbara Bollini Curated by – Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello Reception- November 17, 2016 Barbara Bollini Roca is a Miami based artist who works in painting, photography, and print- making, and tech-art. The Mayiami exhibition is a body of work that is inspired by the Miami River.  Barbara [...]

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Digital Civilizations By Luciano Rabuske

October 13-Decemeber 27, 2016 Luciano Rabuske Digital Art Lincoln Gallery Opening Reception October 14, 2016 FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Lecture with MFA Students Oct. 7th at MBUS To learn more about Luciano Rabuske click, here. A New Form of Creating Art – Luciano Rabuske by Fabio Palumbo  

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Fiberish by Pip Brant

September 16-November 10, 2016 Main Gallery Fiberish by Pip Brant Opening: September 16, 2016, 7:00pm Artists include: Bill Burke, Nick Gilmore, Maria Barbist, Dina Knapp, Aurora Molina, Leandra Avaretti, Margarita Benitez, Valerie Zars, Regina Jestrow, Gisoo Kim, Daniela Georgieva, Ruben Benjamin Smulczynski, and Elizaveta Podgornaia. “Fiberish” an exhibition of artists who work non-traditionally with the [...]

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Reartiulations of La Selva by Sterling Rook

September 16, 2016 – November 11, 2016 Rearticulations of La Selva Artist– Sterling Rook Curated by – Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello Opening Reception –  Friday, September 16 at 7pm Sterling’s weaving of palms fronds into vibrant colorful textiles references the Dada movement.  He uses found objects and paints in his work.  He recycles, reworks and reinvents ordinary [...]

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Clive King Intuitive Drawing Workshop

Main Gallery Exhibition: Clive King Intuitive Drawing Workshop Two day workshop Friday, September 1 and Saturday 2,2016  open to the public. All work created will be on display in the Main gallery from September 3-9, 2016 This type of workshop isn’t an end itself but it is generally an opening up process and does allow [...]

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Textural by Professor Nick Gelpi

August 29-Ocotber 13, 2016 “Textural” by Nick Gelpi Opening reception: Thursday, September 1, 2016 6:30 pm Join Nick Gelpi as he celebrates the opening of his first solo exhibition at the Miami Beach Urban Studios. (Photo credit: Catalina Ayubi.) ‘The characteristic physical structure given to a material object, by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of its [...]

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Liminal Space by Kim Moore

 August 22-October 7, 2016 Liminal Space Artist: Kim Moore Opening: September 16th 6:30pm Curator: Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello Kim Moore’s artistic practice is layered with rituals, domesticity, and autobiographical elements. In this meditative ceremony, Kim has transformed the gallery into a place of contemplation. The white origami cranes were originally used in her wedding ceremony. Here they [...]

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