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CARTA students and faculty members are welcome to stop by MBUS to develop new projects involving any of our equipment in the Special Projects Lab—part of the HP/EDUCAUSE Building the Campus of the Future research project involving the CARTA Innovation Lab and several other Research 1 universities.

We are having sessions throughout the semester to learn more about these additions to our lab.

Please contact Jacqueline Thompson to set up an introduction to the lab.

More information about the equipment can also be found below:

  • HP Sprout Pro G2 Blended Reality Workstation (This is a standalone workstation that connects visuals to scanning, to creative input and texts.  Good for presentations, from what I can see.  I could find ways for students to use this in my product design studio this fall.  I’m sure art students in Jacek’s class in the fall could use it as well.)
  • HP z640 Workstation PC(This PC powerful PC would basically connect to the display below and would add to the lab’s existing PCs that students use all the time.)
  • HP DreamColor Z27x Studio Display (attaches to the PC above)
  • HTC Vive Head-Mounted Display and Sensors(This is a VR headset.  We could encourage design students to use it to envision their 3D models perhaps there are other uses as well that would arise from the researchers.  I’m not exactly sure what the steps to do that would be.  We could share it with SET Lab and find out what students would want to do with it.)
  • HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3(I had just asked the guys at Moonlighter what scanner they would recommend over all scanners and they just suggested this one. Strange!  It’s a complicated piece of equipment, but has pretty amazing capabilities.  Perhaps a grad student would like a project to work on this and scan and 3d print objects for the Wolfsonian or for Vizcaya in the future.
  • HP 3D Automatic Turntable Pro(This is the turntable that goes with the scanner above.)
  • Dremel DigiLAB 3D40 3D Printer This is a new PLA 3D printer attached to the z640 Workstation.

To read more about John Stuart’s  proof of concept FIU MBUS-Proof of Concept for the Future of Higher Ed in America

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