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Miami Beach Urban Studios: MONAD STUDIO

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Miami Beach Urban Studios: MONAD STUDIO

Monad Studio at the Urban Studios

MONAD Studio was founded in 2002 by Design Principals Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg. Eric Goldemberg is an architect and Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at FIU.  His studio was formed to explore and develop spatial perceptions in relation to rhythmic affect. Projects—which have ranged from building and urban planning, to landscape, to art installations, to product design—have often combined various aspects of technology and design in an innovative way. At the Urban Studios Eric is able to work with with the Z18 3D printer to create new experimental instruments and sounds of the 21st century and he is able to conduct research in a space where art, design, and technology come together. Here is a video of some of his instruments click HERE.

Pictured above is one of their most recent projects, an interactive sonic wall titled ABYECTO which is played with handheld transducers that track the topological gestures of the geometry to generate an unique sonic environment; another recent project is MULTI, a collection of five 3D printed musical instruments made in collaboration with musician and luthier Scott F. Hall.  The team brings sound and music into the mix of technology and design in an explicit way. The manufactured instruments, each unique and intricate in its design and each requiring two to four months to design, include the following: a 2-string piezoelectric violin, a 1-string electric travel bass guitar or monobarasitar, a 1-string piezoelectric monovioloncello, a small didgeridoo, and a hornucopian drone pipe. In addition to the five instruments, MULTI also comprises of a sonic wall, which serves as both a band shell and instrument rack.

The overall design of the instruments bears an unmistakable organic aesthetic, and the creators at Monad have stated that the Floridian flora that surrounds their studio in Miami inspired them in their design. MONAD has recently collaborated with bionic-pop artist Viktoria Modesta and fashion-wearables engineer Anouk Wipprecht in the creation of experimental sonic prostheses for performances at Art Basel Miami.

To learn more about Eric Goldemberg click, HERE or visit his website.


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