Liminal Space by Kim Moore

Liminal Space by Kim Moore

 August 22-October 7, 2016

Liminal Space

Artist: Kim Moore

Opening: September 16th 6:30pm

Curator: Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello

Kim Moore’s artistic practice is layered with rituals, domesticity, and autobiographical elements. In this meditative ceremony, Kim has transformed the gallery into a place of contemplation. The white origami cranes were originally used in her wedding ceremony. Here they are arranged in a mandala pattern inferring the Buddhist philosophy of rebirth and renewal. After her marriage dissolved, Kim slip-dipped the paper cranes, and used them in a ceremony to symbolize her joy, hope and gratitude. Now reliquaries, the cranes also symbolize the Phoenix with her cycle of revival and regeneration. Liminal Space therefore represents Kim’s third and final stage of initiation into a new life.

This is not the first time Kim has used her life as a reference for art making. In her exhibition, Post Semiotics of the Kitchen, Kim turned her morning task of dishwashing into a form of meditation that she described as a ritual. She rendered the daily routine and ritual into colorful still lifes of dishpans filled with flower shaped dishes, cartooned covered water bottles, and fanciful cutlery.

Kim is a local artist that recently graduated from Florida International University with a MFA in Visual Arts. She recently exhibited with ArtTable at the Red Room and was part of the Villa Paula Plein Air Competition. Liminal Space was curated was by Colette Alhabahbeh-Mello a MFA Visual Arts: Curatorial Practice student at Florida International University.

To learn more about Kim Moore click, here.

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