January 12-March 10,2017

Lexicons and Signifiers: A Thesis Exhibition by Meg Kaplan-Noach

Artist: Gonzalo Nuñez Galetto  and Carlos Spartacus

Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan. 12th, 2017

Artist Talk and Closing Reception: Wednesday, Mar. 8th, 2017

“Gonzalo Nuñez Galetto and Carlos Spartacus – Lexicons and Signifiers: A Thesis Exhibition by Meg Kaplan-Noach”  highlights drawing as a specific practice– from the varied perspectives of the two artists, the exhibition’s viewers, and the Curator. Individually Nuñez’s and Spartacus’ drawings portray intricate relationships and conditions, but they also are recordings of wide-ranging environments and emotions. Gonzalo’s are minimal and precise, and Carlos’ are loaded and expressive. This exhibition enthusiastically pairs their individual aesthetics by focusing on connections and tensions. In addition Nuñez and Spartacus collaborate on a series of site-specific Chance drawings installed within the attached Project Space. This exhibition includes an onging component that prompts a viewer-drawing component inviting visitors to make their own mini-responsive drawings which, are then also exhibited simultaneously on a dedicated gallery wall.

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