Enhance your opportunities for success:  Meet a new professor or an MBUS board member, join MBUS LEADS, make a new connection to a student in another discipline, invent and 3D print something you’ve designed, hear new music, see a new exhibition, listen to a speaker from another discipline and engage in new research on some of the most urgent issues today!

Use MBUS for all these things and, most importantly learn about YOU—or as we like to say at MBUS, explore “what it means to be human [YOU!] in an ever-more digitized age.”

Read Frank Bruni’s 8/17/18 piece in the New York Times about how all these connections are proven statistically to increase your chances of student success at FIU that will carry with you in life and in your career!

And please come say hello to Jacqui Thompson, me, and all the staff members and researchers at MBUS.  Explore a new world that’s far away but in the spiritual core of FIU’s College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts!