FIU 3D Printed Face Shield Open Source Information Page: 10,727 Assembled and Distributed!

FIU 3D Printed Face Shield Open Source Information Page: 10,727 Assembled and Distributed!

The FIU Face Shield-Mask project.

The FIU face-shield-mask project innovates and utilizes FIU CARTA’s and the broader university’s innovation talent to create a face shield and face mask combo to support situations in which individuals need to wear a face mask, but need to have their full face visible to those around them.

Below: Photo-collage of innovation iteration over the Spring and Summer 2020 starting from the top left and to the bottom right.

Top row L-R MBUS Exec. Dir. John Stuart modeling the starting point that added cloth to existing shield; John and Jacek Kolasinski rethought starting point as an enclosed system with the plastic bag/shield; Colette Mellow sewing the first iteration at MBUS, John modeling first iteration; Pip Brant refined the first attempts looking at medieval armor and created the first pattern.

Bottom row L-R Colette with a further iteration using Pip Brant’s pattern; Keena “Blair” Brown uses two layers of chiffon and 600 tc cotton to create first “near-N95 mask with face shield; Vickie Villa models face-shield-mask with lights to enhance face visibility; Bridget Pelaez holds the most updated iteration of Summer 2020 created by Blair.


Face Shields Español  

Check out this presentation of where we’ve been and where we might be going with this: PPE production presentation Digital Futures 7.1.20

This link contains the printable files, instruction sheet (PDF and PSD formats) and sample transfer receipt currently available open source digital documentation from the FIU for the FIU-Baptist Health South Florida face shields.

This FIU face shield design is a modification of an open source design found here on the Tikkun Olam webpage.

Print details per print with one print on a 3D printer, printed in PLA filament with 10% infill.

MakerBot REP 5th Gen:
  • File: REP 5 FIU Deeper Logo_PRUSA Face Shield: 5 hr 26 min…..0.12 lbs of filament
MakerBot REP + : 
  • File: REP + FIU Deeper Logo_PRUSA Face Shield: 3 hr 47 min …..0.11 lbs of filament
MakerBot Z18 :
  • File: Z18 FIU Deeper Logo_PRUSA Face Shield: 4 hr 6 min …..0.12 lbs of filament
  • File: Z18 [Two prints on one build plate] Same design as above. 7 hr 22 min …..0.23 lbs of filament

FIU has made five changes to the original design: 1)Modified the end shield attachment nubs on the 3D printed head band; 2) eliminated the holes used to hold the bumper at the bottom of the shield; 3) added the FIU logo; 4) used a standard presentation cover for the shield; 5) and used Velcro instead of elastic.

We use a standard Streamline 3-hole hole punch modified with a 4th hole punch (an easy purchase on Amazon) to put holes in the top of the shield.

In addition to the digital files, please find below the materials and quantities we are using to create the first 1000 face shields. 

23 roll/pairs of 12.6 yard Velcro. These are cut as per the dimensions in the Hook and Loop Strap Dimensions.  On 4/6/2020, we updated the hook and look strap to connect to the brow band with a hole punch instead of a slit in the strap.  See the Hook and Loop Dimensions 4.6.20 update.


6 boxes of 200 (extra box for errors and any additional shields) of  Presentation Covers. Face Shield Acrylic Dimensions.

9 boxes of 120 13”x17”  2 Gallon Zip lock Plastic Bags.

If you have questions, please email John Stuart at:

Media links for images of the face shield and more information on communication and community engagement.

“Creative Minds Use Ingenuity to Map Road to Economic Recovery,” Miami Today, 11/14/20

Use 3D Printers to Create Face Shields,” Chronicle of Higher Education, Special Report, 4/21/20.

FIU expands 3D-printed PPE initiative to local fire-rescue departments with gift from alumnus, President’s Council member,FIU News, 4/20/20

HM Weekend 4.16.18 FIU Theatre face shields,” Miami Herald Weekend, 4/16/20

Una Mano de AyudaPrimer Impacto (Español), 4/1/20

FIU to 3D print 1000 face shields for Baptist Health workersTech Briefs, 3/31/20

FIU faculty, students creating 3D printed masks for use at Baptist Health” Local 10 News 3/29/20

“Barry, FIU students apply skills learned in class to help in fight against COVID-19.” WSVN TV 3/28/20

How a Florida School is using a 3D printer to make hospitals safer for medical staff.” Miami Herald 3/28/20

FIU 3D-printing face shields for healthcare workers at Baptist Health.FIU News 3/28/20

For more information contact project leads, Bridget Pelaez, Director FIU FAST at or John Stuart, Executive Director of the Miami Beach Urban Studios at


FIU CARTA MBUS: Jacqui Thompson (MBUS staff. leading the MBUS printing effort and maintaining prints and supplies); Colette Mello (MBUS staff. leading the assembly effort, managing the print count, and assisting with the prints); Sergio Aquino (MBUS staff. maintaining order in the lab, cleaning prints, repairing printers); John Stuart (MBUS Exec. Dir.); Brett Serfozo (FIU Architecture student. implementing design changes and providing updated printable files remotely); Diana Vazquez (FIU Architecture student. Cleaning prints and assembling pieces, translating website); Raymond Reina (FIU Architecture student. Creating 2D drawings of assembly, instructions, templates, media).

FIU CARTA LABS: Mike Bisnett (FIU School of Architecture Print Lab); Hadi Alhaffar and Sam Moore (FIU RDF Lab) have been 3D printing.

FIU FAST: Bridget Pelaez (Director, FIU FAST) Hugo Duenas and Victoria Villa  have been cleaning, assembling and safety/quality control protocols.

FIU Engineering Students 3D printers: Aleksander Aleman; Kumar Shah; Tony Thomas; Kevin Leiva; Ricardo Maury; Camila Madera; Isaac Ghobrial; Edwin Robledo

FIU Engineering Faculty/Staff 3D printers: Jessica Ramella Roman; Yun Qian; Richard Zicarelli

Outside Engineering Volunteers 3D printers: Peggy Zicarelli; Ian Briggs; Amy Collash, Clara Villalba and Elisa Cristino.

A few photos from the diverse FIU face shield production team of students, faculty, and staff members. For more photos of the process, please check out this webpage of face shield production images.

Richard Zicarelli, FIU Senior Engineer

Peggy Zicarelli

Kumar Shah (and friend), FIU Mechanical and Material Engineering

Maria Madera, Center for Diversity and Success, FIU College of Engineering and Computing

Aleksander Aleman, FIU College of Engineering and Computing

Yun Qian, Lab Manager, Lab Manage II, FIU Biomedical Engineering.

Edwin Robledo, Biomedical Engineering, FIU College of Engineering and Computing

Nicole Attong, Director Program Administration FIU Embrace

Krystal Sutherland, Program Manager, FIU Embrace.

Mike Bisnett (with Nicole Attong), Software and Hardware Analyst FIU Architecture.

“Yogi” Yolangel Hernandez-Suarez, Associate Dean, Clinical and Community Affairs, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, FIU

Philip Stoddard, FIU Biology and Gray Read, FIU Architecture.

Shadrack Joseph, Project Director, FIU Upward Bound MS

Bridget Pelaez, Director, FIU FAST, hole-punching velcro.

Hugo Duenas (L), Vicki Villa (R) and FIU Architecture Student Diana Vazquez out of frame on L.

Sergio Aquino, lab technician, FIU CARTA, Miami Beach Urban Studios

Colette Mello, Senior Special Events Manager, FIU CARTA, Miami Beach Urban Studios

Jacqui Thompson, Program Manager, FIU CARTA, Miami Beach Urban Studios

John Stuart, Executive Director, FIU CARTA, Miami Beach Urban Studios

FIU CARTA Innovation Lab for 3D printing, 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

Keena “Blair” Brown, Fine Arts Production Specialist, FIU Department of Theatre

Nareem Botonel, Wolfe University Center, Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator

Hunter Rego, Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator

Dr. Jacek Kolasinski, Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator


Institutional recipients of the FIU Face Shields (as of 7.30.20)

Baptist Health, FIU Police, City of Miami Fire Rescue, Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Citrus Health Hialeah, Jewish Community Services, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, FIU Libraries, MoCA North Miami, Miami Bridge, Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, FIU College of Business, Arc Marion Inc., The Arc Tampa Bay Inc., Side by Side Working Together for Change Inc., The Arc Jacksonville Inc., Victory Living Programs Inc., The Arc Nature Coast Inc., Arc of St. Augustine Inc., The Arc of North Florida Inc., The Arc of Indian River County Inc., The Arc of Washington-Holmes Counies Inc., The Arc Nassau Inc., LARC Inc., Miami Lakes Home Health Care Inc., Responsive Home Health Inc., Lifetime Home Health Care Corp., Nurse Corp., Serenity Home Health Care Inc., Total Health Center Inc., Legal Services of Greater Miami Inc..

**The image at the top of the page is of face shields in kits that included colorful printed parts from the FIU College of Engineering and Computing.

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