ABYECTO: Closing Reception2014-08-06T14:12:22-04:00
Event Description:  Join the students, faculty, staff, and community members from 6:30-8:30PM in the Main Gallery at the Miami Beach Urban Studios for a musical, artistic, architectural, and spatial celebration of the last days on exhibit of this new work.  Come see the newly crafted and innovative guitars and hear a performance by FIU Professor Jacob Sudol.  The evening should be memorable!  “Abyecto,” meaning heinous, hideous, or even abject, is the name of a piece that ironically has none of those attributes.  Designed and fabricated at FIU as a collaboration between students and faculty members in architecture and music to be a membrane that accommodates two newly designed guitars that sport single strings and other innovations, the piece seems to be more about an integrated visual voluptuousness that we might imagine to dissolve into distopic fragments of sound, skin, and senses.
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