Artist Talk: Markus Hoffmann2019-01-17T22:34:43-05:00
To celebrate Markus Hoffman’s time with us and to reflect on his first edition of the Bauhaus Artist Residencies [including TM Sisters’ residency in Dessau] we invite you to participate in a public forum–a conversation about the Bauhaus in the 21 century, and the role of programs such as the Residencies and the Open Studios, on which FIU has collaborated with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

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MEMORYLOSS is the first exhibition in Miami of Markus Hoffmann, the inaugural CARTA-Bauhaus International Exchange Artist.

For more information on the work of Berlin-based Markus Hoffman, click here. And to learn more about the FIU-CARTA/Bauhaus-Dessau Think Tank, click here.

Exhibition Statement by Markus Hoffmann:

“Over the last centuries, humankind has put processes in motion leading to developments for which we no longer have any standards by which to judge them. When humankind itself becomes a natural force – or that which we understood to be nature is now made by humans – then the dualism of nature/culture subject/object no longer function in the accustomed fashion.” (Bernd M. Scherer, Textures of the Anthropocene)

Using radioactivity, rare earth minerals, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide, and other Anthropocenic phenomena as a guiding themes, I have explored how humans have permanently changed the planet. Hovering at the interfaces of science and art, my work and site-specific installations deal with mans’ creation and utilisation of Anthropocenic forces, which have altered forever both nature and the social psyche.

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