Main Gallery Exhibition: Clive King “The Chaos Machines” and other drawings2016-08-16T21:24:27-04:00

“The Chaos Machines” and other drawings

Opening Reception May 13th 7:00pm-9:00pm

Curated by the artist, this exhibition contains a series of drawings that FIU Professor Emeritus has been working on over the past decade. The drawings explore issues surrounding a coal mining tragedy in village close to Professor King’s childhood home. The event claimed a generation of children, and the work explores personal feelings about the subject matter rather than a more literal interpretation.

The drawings range from small thumbnail sketches to large mural sized works on paper in a range of media.

The artist’s interests are in illusion rather than physicality.  The large pieces are  usually presented without frames or glass.  They float like wafers on the wall – as a physical presence without weight,  that, the artists hopes “push you back or suck you in.”

Works on paper by FIU Professor Emeritus Clive King.

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