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Now and Later:  Relative Significance

Artist: Chris Friday MFA ’20

January 8-March 2, 2018

Reception February 6 at 7PM

Now and Later, is an exercise in the relational arrangement of past and ongoing work with contrasting conceptual foundations.

The Art of Art-ing: As taught by the Institution, serves to pose questions about the biased, subjective and contradictory nature of the dominant discourse in a given environment and the perspectives that are inevitably marginalized as a result.

The Invisible Middle offers itself as a solution to the biased and stereotypical representation of minority perspectives and experiences by the dominant culture.

Each work employs the use of blackboard aesthetics; playing on the idea of teaching and being taught, while simultaneously exploiting aspects of popular culture and common human experience as a means of legitimizing personal narrative.

Chris Friday is a mixed-media artist with a proclivity for Guerrilla-Art tactics and crowd participation

Her practice involves the sourcing, collecting and relational arrangement of Pop culture iconography, past and present. Implementing a chalkboard aesthetic, themes of Identity, Race, Gender and Sexuality are explored in her work. Similar to the conceptual foundation of the work of Kehinde Wiley, a great deal of attention is given to the investigation of the representations and perceptions of black bodies in media and society. Identifying these perspectives and their origins, questioning their legitimacy, and offering possible solutions is priority in her work.

Based in Miami, Florida, Chris Friday is currently an MFA candidate at Florida International University.

To learn more about FIU MFA Candidate Christina Friday visit her Instagram @TheEffWurd



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