Discussion/Viewing “Forget Shorter Showers”2018-01-29T22:17:16-05:00

Discussion/Viewing “Forget Shorter Showers” Youth Forum: Green Leadership

Presented by HLA Gernsbach supported by Stiftung Baden-Wurttemberg and World Coucnil of Poeples for the UN, NYC, USA

“Global to Local”

Please let Senior Special Events Coordinator Liane Sippin know if you can join us.

The scheduled time is Friday, February 2nd at 9:00am for the screening and at 10 am for the dialogue with colleagues in Germany.

To kick-off discussions on personal/societal implications of “green leadership” we will be screening a short film, and would like to bring in Miami based students on Skype to discuss the film with participants in Germany.

The proposed film is “Forget Shorter Showers

You are invited to a Youth Forum in Germany on “green leadership” on February 2, 2018.  The forum will explore the personal/societal/global implications of “green leadership” expressed in the 11-minute film Forget Shorter ShowersWe will  be screening the film in Miami at 9AM and joining a dialogue at 10AM between Miami-based youth through Google Hangout with the participants in Germany.  The Miami participants (only 5-10 individuals will be able to participate) will be in FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios, 420 Lincoln Road, Suite 440.

The Forum in Germany is being hosted by Daimler. So, in addition to local students, they are expecting some young professionals from Daimler to participate as well.

How can we create a leadership culture where students and young professionals take a role in shaping the environmental future? In workshops with experts for leadership training, decision makers from the United Nations and representatives from youth organizations we will work on solutions and visions to create an international community for Green Leadership.

International Guest Speaker Shamina De Gonzaga, Executive Director and Main Representative to the UN of World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) and expert for leadership development Jason Higgins from the New York Martin Luther King Centre (NYMLK) will facilitate to find strategies and build an international network.

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