Exhibition: “Apo-Calypso” A solo exhibition of work by Sterling Rook2017-05-08T15:23:54-04:00
A solo exhibition of photographs and installation of colorful leaves/ foliage
symbolizing offering and ritual by artist and FIU 2017 MFA, Sterling Rook.

Washington Gallery:

The sculpture I will be creating is a parade float in shape of a boat. It will be
constructed from steel mesh, wood, and painted detritus/foliage.

Parade floats are so named because the first floats were decorated barges on the
River Thames for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Colorful flowery parade floats were first conceptualized in Pasadena, California as
a way of show-boating their warm climate.

The float I am building is a a mournful celebration of our warm south Floridian
climate. The boat form is symbolizes our lifestyle to come when the land is
submerged due to global warm.

The medium of a parade float as a boat is a humorous one. It embodies usefulness
and pointlessness.

Installation: August 11-16, 2017

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