Ivan Bernal Workshop2014-02-05T10:47:46-05:00
“This workshop introduces advanced modeling and animation techniques to help the students produce and represent their work while developing a criteria to evaluate their processes and results. As presentation plays a large role in the way our projects are perceived. In this course we look in depth at some representation techniques derived from cinema and use animation software to postulate and explain geometry.

We will experiment with animation techniques as design tools to help generate and study geometry. Understanding geometry as a living thing, which exhibits such behavior as Postures, Deformations, Contortions, Expressions and growth. Behaviors are part of a series of studies in which students are asked to evaluate geometry from the design point of view with the goal of critically understanding the variations produced using animation techniques. In order to produce an image that accurately expresses your idea, it has to convey a feeling, an atmosphere: a sense of lust. The students will layer different rendering techniques as we build two-dimensional images with depth and textures that fully involve the viewer. Next we will make these methods into three dimensions using animation tools. Camera movement , paths, alms, transitions, and lighting, among other techniques which in turn will become a short clip.”

Workshop to take place in MBUS Classroom 475.

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