KICK OFF—”Creative Futures: The Urban Public Environment Maker Challenge”2015-10-03T12:54:48-04:00
Creative Futures: The Urban Public Environment Maker Challenge

The 2015 MakerBot/FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Innovation Challenge focuses on envisioning and 3D printing innovations (or details/models of innovations) that articulate and contribute to a vision for the future of Urban Public Space.  Designs may include—but are certainly not limited to—anything from public artworks and designs to hacks for bicycles/benches/buildings/boulevards; new soundscapes, landscapes, and seascapes; and innovations for fashion, jewelry, health, personal identity and public democratic processes. The challenge will officially begin with a kick-off meeting at the CARTA Innovation Lab on Wednesday, October 7, at 9:00AM with the evaluation of the final printed innovations due on Friday October 9 at 4PM at the CARTA Innovation Lab.  Entries will be judged by a panel of experts with cash prizes given to winners. [photo credit: Gloria O’Connell]

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