Lecture/Discussion: Laura Knott and the MIT ACT program2016-12-06T18:47:47-05:00

The MIT Club of South Florida hosts Laura Knott of the MIT program in art, culture and technology (ACT)

MIT ACT program coming to South Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach 2016.

Join Laura Knott consulting curator for 2016 on a discussion about Miami Beach and Art Basel. A curator, editor, and author, Laura Knott specializes in work created at the intersections of art and technology. She has had an active art career as well, with presentations of her work at the documenta exhibition, on public television, and in venues ranging from the California desert to a revolving door on the MIT campus.  A graduate of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, Laura studied environmental art and performance with Otto Piene and took every film and video course offered at the Media Lab by Ricky Leacock and Glorianna Davenport. Laura was trained as a choreographer. She was the first dance graduate of Duke University, where she also studied political science and international relations. In 1998, she created Worldwide Simultaneous Dance, in which dancers danced at the same time in 11 countries around the world, live streamed. At ACT, Laura is working on projects related to the CAVS 50th anniversary.

The MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) is an academic program and hub of critical art practice and discourse within the School of Architecture and Planning. ACT is headed by distinguished artist-professors and supported by a dynamic cast of practitioner graduate students and staff, visiting artist-lecturers, affiliates, and guests. Through an integrated approach to pedagogy, hosting, public event programming, and publication, ACT builds a community of artist-thinkers around the exploration of art’s complex conjunctions with culture and technology. It is not an art school in the traditional sense. The program’s mission is to promote leadership in critical artistic practice and deployment, developing art as a vital means of experimenting with new registers of knowledge and new modes of valuation and expression; and to continually question what an artistic research and learning environment can be and do.

To learn more about the MIT ACT program click, here.


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