Miami Beach Culture Crawl2023-09-28T13:25:57-04:00

Featuring receptions of the following exhibitions:

UNFOLD (Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery)

Kick off the Miami Beach Culture Crawl in the Miami Beach Visual Arts Gallery. Discover a unique curatorial project by Yi Chin Hsieh called UNFOLD, where art meets literature, exploring themes of identity, absence, and reconnection through materials and space. Dive into the world of the “in between” at this thought-provoking exhibition. 1602A Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL

#CAN1872P (Washington Gallery at SoA MBUS)

#CAN1872P is a public project featuring interactive gabion-style benches that contain locally salvaged materials and debris. As a sculptural project, #CAN1872P refers to Robert Smithson’s non-site containers – minimal shaped structures that function as abstract representations of actual physical places via the accumulation of materials (generally rock or sand) sourced from sites other than the place of exhibition. As opposed to a specific geographic or spatial displacement, the materials contained within the #CAN1872P project – chunks of construction-salvaged-Oolite and South Beach-found debris – derive from the broader South Florida environment. 

SoBe Alleyways (Design Gallery at SoA MBUS)

This studio proposes urban strategies to repurpose and reinvent the service alleyway that runs parallel to the beach from 1st Street to 14th Street, bisecting the city blocks between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. In doing so this intervention will reinvigorate the intent to spice up the cultural life of the area, which receives an important influx of tourists.

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