Opening Reception: A Poetic Boneyard – An Installation of Sculpture and Verse2017-11-07T23:24:46-05:00

A Poetic Boneyard – An Installation of Sculpture and Verse

Exhibition Description: This exhibition is one of providence and serendipity. The sculptures use materials from moments in American history to create new narratives about allegiances and identities in the age of industrialization and American imperialism.  These histories—and a chance meeting of the minds between poet and sculptor—come together into a tapestry of poetic verses and sculptural assemblage. The poet responds to the objects. And the sculptor echoes the poetic sentiments through the conceptual framework of the installation. Together, the interconnected works by poet and sculptor form dialogues that expose profound truths, challenge stubborn misconceptions, and point out rarely understood realities.

November 30, 2017 – January 10, 2018

Artwork by Christopher Carter and Poems by David Mills on display.

Exhibit featuring: “Three Star”,”Don’t Tread On Me”, “Star and Chain”, “(Neon) Texas Two Star”,”Bound Four Star”, “Oil Blue Flag”, “Steam Belt” ,”Belted and Bound”, “Belted Four Star” and “Belted 2 Star” and ” Dredge” and “the Boneyard” (various pieces of carved wood and metal to surround the Dredge) plus two 9100 3M Overhead projectors w/ pages of ekphrastik poetry (David Mills) and collage images on clear acetate.


To learn more about Christopher Carter click, here.

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