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Professional Development for MDCPS Music Education

FIU CARTA Innovation Lab

June 15, 2018



1-1:45PM: Live STEAM.- John Stuart

Tour of the four art/design exhibitions at MBUS and of the CARTA Innovation Lab for 3D printing.  This will include discussions of the integration of art and technology in the many labs and the work done at FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios.


1:45-2:15pm (2-  5.0 STEAM Lessons)

Presentation By MDCPS


2:15-3:00PM: STEAM Engine- Patricia Aguilar  

Interactive example of the 3D visualization, modelling, and printing processes using a case study.  During this time, a student technician will undertake the design of an object, show how the software is used and show how the printing process works on a specific example. Present 3D printed pan Flute.

Application of 3D Printing, materials that can be used, prototyping process


3:00pm-4:30PM: Full STEAM Ahead- Alec Liu

John Stuart (or Bruce Carter by Skype, perhaps) will briefly introduce the origins of the 3D printed string training tool and Bruce’s early work on it.  Then Alec will lead an interactive discussion on how the tool has been used, how he would like to modify it, and how it might be used in the future.

I will be starting with the raison d’être for the 3-D violin along with the earliest prototype we have created. Using the initial prototype I will detail the process of reduction and focus of design on the 3-D violin that led to the next generation of the violins that we tested at Miami Music Project. The next subtopic will be an active discussion with the class on what creative ways we could use 3-D printing to further enhance the process while introducing the latest 3-D violin model changes as well as what we would like to implement to the violins in the future for comparison. I will also discuss implementation, curricular ideas, and issues we’ve faced with the 3-D. The big takeaway I hope to impart at the end of the session would be that while we at the 3-D violin project literally used a 3-D printer to harness our creativity to change student experience, in the end a creative teacher is the key element to adding to students experience.


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