PUBLIC Exhibition: 55 Japanese Houses Exhibition2019-02-16T20:48:31-05:00
An exhibit about Japanese Contemporary Architecture

This exhibit presents an extraordinary body of work in contemporary Japanese Architecture. In the past 2 decades, a large number of small architectural ateliers had built an extraordinary body of work constructing mostly small houses of less than 1000 sf. which are usually located in plots that are not larger than the size of 2 parking lots.
In these micro-houses (kyosho-jutaku) all the conventions are broken and a conception of “deep-Japaness” emerges. The designs are tightly related to the site constraints, notions of privacy, building materials, the ambitions of the client, and mixed with an aesthetic surprise geared by a poetic desire to exploit everything when everything has been reduced to its minimum.
The exhibit was developed in Associate Professor Alfredo Andia’s seminar: “The Japan House: Contemporary Japanese Architecture” during the Fall of 2018 and presents the housing projects developed by the following firms: TNA Architects, Sou Fujimoto, Akihisa Hirata, Hideyuki Nakayama, Junya Ishigami, Takeshi Hosaka, Studio Velocity, O+H, UID Architects, Yuusuke Nagasawa, Suppose Design, Tato Architects, Unemori Architects, Suga Atelier, Issei Suma.

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