PUBLIC: An FIU MBUS Teach In—What we can learn from the fire at Notre Dame in Paris?2019-04-25T14:38:36-04:00

Join us for an interdisciplinary panel discussion exploring historic buildings, resilience, memory, society and technology.  The discussion will be broad ranging and open-ended.  Panelists include: FIU Architecture Chair, Jason Chandler; artist and FIU Honors College Professor John Bailly; City of Miami Beach Head of Historic Preservation, Debbie Tackett; Vizcaya Educator, Dr. Mark Osterman; FIU Head of GIS, Jennifer Fu and others, moderated by FIU Architecture Professor and MBUS Executive Director, John Stuart, AIA.

For an interesting article about Notre Dame, its legacy and future after the fire, CLICK HERE.

Image source: NBC News.

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