SUPERBOWL LIV PUBLIC ART TALK: Super Bodies and EX Technologies—A Talk by Visual Effects Expert, Carlos Fueyo2020-01-19T17:01:34-05:00
In light of the upcoming Superbowl, Carlos Fueyo will talk about his work as a special effects artists as he creates super humans for film and Extended Reality.

MBUS Art Talk with Carlos Fueyo

Carlos Fueyo (b. 1980 Oviedo, Spain) is the creative director of playard studios, a production, post-production, and creative studio based in Miami. He has over 15 years of experience working on films, commercials, game cinematics, and dark rides. Fueyo arrived to the United States, from his native Spain, when he was 15 years old. Here he attended Florida International University where he studied and graduated from Architecture. With a strong background in art and design, he relocated to Los Angeles where he began working on major motion films such as Avengers, Super8, Priest, and Independence Day. As a generalist, Carlos created CG (computer graphics) environments and characters by modeling, lighting, texturing, and animating. He also played an integral part in the creation of visual effects for other recognizable films such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, After Earth, Jane Got a Gun, and Terminator: Genisis. A culmination of experience in the entertainment, technical, and digital worlds have allowed him to integrate the two things he loves the most; architecture and film. His company playard studios, is a newly formed creative studio that is currently experimenting with multimedia content including documentary films, marketing material, AR & VR experiences, animation, and 3D printing.


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