PUBLIC Exhibition: MEMORYLOSS—Works by the Inaugural CARTA-Bauhaus International Exchange Artist, Markus Hoffmann2019-08-22T15:30:44-04:00
MEMORYLOSS is the first exhibition in Miami of Markus Hoffmann, the inaugural CARTA-Bauhaus International Exchange Artist.

For more information on the work of Berlin-based Markus Hoffman, click here. And to learn more about the FIU-CARTA/Bauhaus-Dessau Think Tank, click here.

Exhibition Statement by Markus Hoffmann:

Over the last centuries, humankind has put processes in motion leading to developments for which we no longer have any standards by which to judge them. When humankind itself becomes a natural force – or that which we understood to be nature is now made by humans – then the dualism of nature/culture subject/object no longer function in the accustomed fashion.” (Bernd M. Scherer, Textures of the Anthropocene)

Using radioactivity, rare earth minerals, ocean acidification, carbon dioxide, and other Anthropocenic phenomena as a guiding themes, I have explored how humans have permanently changed the planet. Hovering at the interfaces of science and art, my work and site-specific installations deal with mans’ creation and utilisation of Anthropocenic forces, which have altered forever both nature and the social psyche.

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