PUBLIC: How Do We Live Reception2022-03-10T10:47:11-05:00

Location: Design Gallery

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

The exhibition opening of “How do we live?#Santiago#London#Shanghai#Suzhou,” an exhibition of research & pedagogic program launched by #JohannaMuszbek & #JocelynFroimovich

Organized by Assistant Professor @biaynabogosian

This collaborative research was launched in 2015 and looks at current housing production spanning three continents. In collaboration with three universities, (University of Liverpool, UniversidadCatólica de Chile, and Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University) How do we Live? looks at housingtypes and the notion of crisis particular to each metropolitan context.Housing types offer a lens into lifestyles and urbanities. They are the resource by which housing is designed. This four-year research project looks closely at the housing landscape of three cities, examining from banal to exemplary residential buildings currently on the market.We look at Santiago (6.54 million people – 641 km2), London (8.78 million people – 1,569 km2) and Shanghai (24.15 million people – 634 km2). These cities have been randomly selected andoffer a panoramic view into today’s housing production.The research has been exhibited at the 12th Sao Paulo International Architectural Biennale (2019)and is currently on display at the European Cultural Centre’s Palazzo Mora as part of the 17th Architectural Venice Biennale (2021).The research produced in the last six years by How do we Live? has prompted awareness and critical thinking towards housing design. Its future outcome is the launching of an MSc. program on Global Housing Design in London at the Liverpool Architecture School in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in September 2022.

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