PUBLIC: MBUS Live Art Talk with Lorna Galloway2021-04-28T11:13:05-04:00
Monday, February 1st, 2021 at 5:30PM

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Lorna Ruth Galloway is a Miami-based American artist who, as a point of departure, draws upon
her experiences growing up blocks from US highway one and witnessing impermanence in the
sub-tropical urban landscape. The aesthetics of the American roadside have been an integral part
of the formation of her visual world-view. Works in photo-based printmaking techniques,
screenprinting, polaroid transfers, video, and large tiled wheat paste installations explore space,
time, nostalgia, and the mediated experience. Her work begs the audience to question how it is
made. Currently, she is working as an educator in the Florida state college system and has lives
with her one year old tortoiseshell cat named Chloe.

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