PUBLIC: MBUS Live Art Talk with Orlando Estrada2021-06-30T17:25:06-04:00

Monday June 28th @ 5:30 pm, to watch recording, click here

Orlando Estrada is an interdisciplinary artist based between Miami FL and Brooklyn NY. Working across all mediums, including sculpture, drawing, sound, and installation, Estrada analyzes and remixes societal metanarratives through the lenses of queer theory, mysticism and science fiction. After a childhood spent in the otherworldly setting of a military base on the coastal cliffs of Puerto Rico, relocating to Miami in his teens sparked the artist’s fascination with understanding the relationship between humans and the natural world. His ongoing series of sculptural landscapes depict dreamlike terrains using an experimental language of both natural and man-made materials. Using practical construction methods, ingeniously upcycled consumer waste, and 3D printing technology – cereal boxes, broken cell phones, artificial pearls, bone, fiber and many other unconventional art materials become power objects; elevating craft to the realm of the sacred. Charged with both childlike naivety and deep philosophical gravity, Estrada’s talismanic works conjure up a mystic allure, telling haunting fairytales filled with imperiled beauty and frenzied optimism for the future.

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