PUBLIC: Mourning – Paintings by Geraldine Bello2021-05-14T09:44:31-04:00

Geraldine Bello was born in Lima Peru and moved to Miami in 2003. She is part of the MFA Visual Art Program at Florida International University and anticpates graduating in 2022.

Her love of nature was inherited from her father, who found joy in camping and hunting. To Bello, art is a constant adventure of the mind that finds motivation in nature. Bello’s artistic aspirations began at the young age of five, when she was captivated by an ink drawing of a female body in a fairy tale book. A year after, she observed an Indigenous artist drawing a portrait and this motivate her to learn to draw.

The work for this exhibition, titled Mourning was created in 2020 during a year trauma and loss for many people. The painting of horses and deer reference the supernatural and transformations. The artist’s states that horses are a muse that inspire her and are a connection to her home in Peru.

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