PUBLIC: Nice Fight Exhibition2021-03-22T10:25:27-04:00

Artist and educator Keith Allyn Spencer and FIU Intermediate and Advanced Sculpture students collaborated on a new body of artwork titled “Nice Fight”. From a series of distanced exchanges, and with consideration to the MBUS exhibition space, Spencer created thirteen paintings to be combined onto a set of student realized sculptures, or “wall things”. Soon to be disassembled, the result is a temporary and playful marriage of image and form, structure and surface, promoting curiosities about authorship, chance, interpretation, and the conventions of display. Participants include: Marie Lucie Craan, Imani Fagan, Abril Llerena, Douglas Lora, Fernando Marquez, Alexis Mckinnon, Monia Meluzzi, Marco Ordonez Dominguez, Alondra Samayoa, James Stueck, Sophia Villanueva, Imani Dean and Kaitlin Jackson.

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