PUBLIC READING Find Me Leonard Cohen, I’m Almost Thirty: Book Presentation by Dr. Amit Ranjan, Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence2019-11-01T18:08:24-04:00
Please join us for a Book Presentation by  Dr. Amit Ranjan.

Main Gallery, 6:30-8:00pm

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Dr Amit Ranjan was a Fulbright scholar for 2015-16 at Florida International University . He has also been a recipient of scholarships like the Endeavour of Australia, and Inlaks.

He has also held the honorary position of Australia Awards Ambassador in India, and teaches English literature at New Delhi.

His research on John Lang, a 19th century Australian writer, lawyer and journalist has been internationally acclaimed, and is going to be published soon as a book.

His other non-fiction book about shared histories of Australia and India, Who the Duck is Alice, is to be released next year.

Both his poetry and prose have been widely published in various journals across the world.

He has a deep and abiding interest in Sufi music and literature.

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