PUBLIC: Miami Beach Culture Crawl: Teacher Talks with Michael Klotz and Nicholas Kitchen2021-02-15T12:03:39-05:00
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As part of the Miami Beach Culture Crawl, please join us for Teacher Talks with Michael Klotz and Nicholas Kitchen

Nicholas Kitchen and Michael Klotz will be in conversation about Szymon Goldberg

Nicholas Kitchen, whose musicianship has been hailed by the New York Times as “thrilling, vibrant and captivating,” is one of the most active and innovative performers in the music world today. He is a solo violinist, chamber musician, teacher, video artist, technology innovator and arts administrator.

Born in Durham, North Carolina, Nicholas Kitchen grew up in a family of musicians. His mother, a violinist, was Associate Concertmistress of the Greensboro Symphony and founder of the Duke University String School. His father was organist and choir-master at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church where he helped found a chamber orchestra and oversaw the installation of a magnificent Flentrop Organ. His father also concertized as a pianist while always being on the mathematics faculty of Duke University. Nicholas studied with Giorgio Ciompi at Duke and began performing publicly as a very young child, performing multiple times as soloist with the North Carolina Symphony, and becoming deeply involved in all aspects of the activities of his parents: performing, teaching, organ tuning and registration selection, as well as orchestra and choir preparation related to the orchestra of the Duke String School and the choir of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

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