PUBLIC: Zen and the Art of Faithful Song2021-02-10T13:14:05-05:00
Monday, April 12 @ 7pm – To RSVP, click here

Join The Betsy Hotel and Miami Beach Urban Studios for an evening of conversation and contemporary sacred song.

COVID has brought people together in ways they never expected. In the world of faith-based music, an entire new way of choral performance has arisen that connects performers and audiences across wide distances around awe-inspiring digitally mastered performances. Yet to make these things happen takes (not only) musical talent, but also technology and community-building skills. Rising soprano Elizabeth Zito is a versatile vocalist who performs an eclectic and inspirational mix of opera, jazz, blues, sacred, classical and world music – and over the past nine months she has become a sought after leader in convening faith-based audiences for musical celebration and worship. In this event, Michael Rossi, Founder and Artistic Director of the Miami Classical Music Festival will engage with Ms. Zito about their partnership connecting faith-based audiences via digital means – and will share performances they’ve recorded and edited collaboratively. Many believe that when COVID lifts these new pathways will continue to flourish, allowing those who love to sing and perform to connect with others though they may be separated by distance.

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