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Within/Without BFA Thesis  Reception

Friday December 9, 2016

Time: 7pm

Show Foreword:
“within/ without” refers to our experience of place, of structure, and to physical and social bodies. Considering that the only thing that traditionally links the work in a thesis exhibition is the simultaneous graduation of the artists involved, it is notable that it is this duality of being, at once, a part and apart, that informs all the art in this surprisingly cohesive show. I believe it comes from this place, Miami, and the way it embodies this particular duality.

Miami is full of polemic contradictions that make all who live and visit here highly aware of our relationship to geography, institutions and to the other people. Despite the constant tearing down and subsequent rebuilding, it’s a place with a definitive vernacular of architecture and design. Despite the constant uprooting and resettling of communities, its distinct cultures retain their character. Being here means existing in a state of being simultaneously foreign and local, cosmopolitan and provincial, of belonging and yet being alienated from one another. It’s the nagging feeling of being landlocked on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

BFA Thesis Artists:

Angella Aliaga
Yvette Coro
Mylin Espinoza
Cody Gonzalez
Sofia Angela
Sam Pritchard-Torres
Norma Carolina Rodriguez
Stefano Romero
Jillian Skalky
Alex Spacagna
Nicolas Suarez
Mario Torres Jr.

Show closes December 27, 2016.

Recommendation for Parking:
-Lincoln Road parking garage located on convention center drive and 17th ST – $1 an hr.

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