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A Partnership between the FIU Department of Architecture, MBUS, Miami Center for Architecture and Design and the European Cultural Center (ECC) in the MBUS Washington Gallery an exhibition to celebrates the of prominent architects and their designs.

Curtis Fentress – Fentress Architects

Fentress Architects is an international design firm with studios in Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; and Houston, Texas . 

Founded by Curtis Fentress in 1980, the firm passionately pursues the creation of iconic public architecture.

Fentress is internationally known for innovative, award-winning design of airports, museums, convention centers, laboratories, higher education, civic and government buildings. 

Curtis Fentress is internationally recognized for the design of Denver International Airport.

In this exhibit, the buildings demonstrate a quality of playfulness. 

They purport that civic life is not only about the authority of government and the duties of citizens but should also encompass passion and imagination. 

There is dignity and power in these buildings, and also liveliness.

Rafi Segall (MIT) & Susannah Drake (DLand studio)

This project exposes two uncomfortable realities: the ongoing legacy of racial segregation in South Florida, and the existential threat that climate change poses to communities in Miami. 

The large exhibited map created for this “Time Space Existence – Miami 2021” exhibition collapses these two realities into one: 

present day household income levels at the scale of buildings colored red, overlaid with future sea level rise and upland flood projections indicated in blue .

The project proposes models of co-ops and community owned urban blocks empowering the formerly disenfranchised community with new methods of equity capture.

Jateen Lad

Jateen Lad is an award-winning architect based in Manchester and Pondicherry, India.

He is recognized for a holistic approach to design and construction and his sustainable development projects including the Sharanam Centre for Rural Development in Pondicherry.

Paolino Di Vece – Di Vece Arquitectos

Architecture as a social art that provides quality of life.

Di Vece Arquitectos is the link of balance between the user and the context with an architectural language that promotes cultural and technical advancement and social integration.

Bill Price 

Brown Endowed Chair – School of Architecture  – PVAMU

This project “REBOOT” presents original research into upcycling and plastics. 

The research was shown to Ai WeiWei back in 2008 when he asked Bill to include in his 10×10  Phaidon book. 

After review of the work his reaction to the content on upcycling was to change the title from REBOT to REBOOT. 

Thirteen years later the inclusion of an additional “O” reveals its virility in an almost prophetic way.

Biayna Bogosian (FIU), Kris Mun (ANFA), Maider Llaguno Munitxa (UCLouvain)

In this exhibition, are presented three ongoing and interdisciplinary research projects that combine computational neuroscience workflows with design processes to understand how environmental parameters influence our attention and emotions. 

These projects utilize biometric sensors, such as eye-gaze tracking, integrated with spatial computing tools, such as Virtual Reality headsets, along with other spatial capturing technologies, to create interactive and immersive simulation and analysis environments.

Elisa Silva – Enlace Arquitectura

Elisa Silva is director and founder of Enlace Arquitectura 2007 and Enlace Foundation 2017, established in Caracas, Venezuela.

Elisa Silva is Associate Professor at Florida International University FIU at the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab and the Department of Architecture.

Neighbors in the barrio La Palomera, in the municipality of Baruta in Caracas Venezuela are very good gardeners and over the years have cultivated over 260 species in the community.

This compilation of gardens and species in a large format book invites the viewer to look more closely and to even linger in the experience of care that has gone into the making of the La Palomera gardens over time.

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