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April 25 -August 25

Artist’s: name: Dr. Andris Teikmanis




The project documento futurae / future document” proposes the conversation about the future. The future that we are concerned about and that we want to build, but that we absolutely can’t predict.


One hundred years ago, artistic, scientific and political utopia seemed inextricably intertwined.


It seemed that humanity’s progress is impossible to discontinue. However, 20th Century changed the face of the future of our Utopian view. Political utopia turned into dystopia and arts and science came into their servitude. XXI Century does not provide us with a greater sense of security. We have regained our country, our Latvia, but are still at a crossroads of future.


Tomorrow is still ambiguous. Our present achievements will have essential impact on the future of our planet and next generations. It is not the role of art to create new illusions at this moment of the deficit of future. Future challenges encourage the search for the new means of future studies.


The project “documento futurae / future document” documents the vision discussed during the conference “Art Future / Future State” that was held at the Art Academy of Latvia at 25th – 26th November. 2016. It is intended like “notes created on the pages of a conference programme”, visualizing the key concepts or associations raised during conference. Artistic research uses visualizations, diagrams or schemata as a future modelling tools providing new boundaries between semantics and aesthetics, “documento futurae / future document” is developed as a part of the Art Academy Centenary project “Art


Future / Future Signs” contributing to the development of artistic research as a means of insight and foresight into the national and artistic future.


The conference “Future art / Future State” was held by Art


Academy of Latvia and was supported by the State Culture


Capital Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and was a part of the Centenary celebration of the Republic of Latvia.

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