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“Stars Project – Platform of Young Artists”


November 14-17, 2016


Art Exhibition showcasing 25 young student artists from China for a culture/art exchange program.

“Stars Project – Platform of Young Artists” is sponsored by Happiness Trees Investment Management (beiijing) Co,Ltd, supported by Tree Art Museum and Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, and particular support from China National Arts Fund. This plan aims to set up a platform publicizing contemporary young Chinese artists. After the project was launched in 2012, three events have been held successfully, with 5,000 young artists to participate and 200 domestic and foreign media to publicize. Art Exhibition showcasing  young student artists from China for a culture/art exchange program which were last on tour in Japan and Korea.

Happiness trees investment management is an exhibition house as well as an art correction entity. Its main objective is to promote young artists and support their artistic pursuit. As you know it is difficult for young artists to fully dedicate their time and energy in the creative process without financial support; happiness trees investment management provides these types of support on a continuous bases.


please email Bo Tao for more information at tci.miami@gmail.com



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