Introductory 3D printing workshops for FIU Students and Faculty members in any discipline2022-12-14T15:39:02-05:00
3D printing Flyer updated

3D printing Flyer updated

Typical 3-hour 3D printing Workshop Format:

Hour 1: Assign individual laptops, intro to additive technologies and 3D printing, current project in the lab

Hour 2: Hands-on 3D modeling with Rhinoceros 3D software, customization, and preparation for printing.

Hour 3: Preparing the print using MakerBot software, starting the print on a 3D printer dedicated to your print, ensuring that the print is initializing correctly, calculating print time.**

**Please note that printing can take longer than the allotted workshop time.  We will make accommodates to get your prints back to you even after the workshop is over.

For directions and information about parking at and near the lab, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on the equipment and what you’ll find in the lab when you get here, please CLICK HERE.

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