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[photo credit: NYC Bar Association]

In an email conversation with Regina Bailey, Jaury wrote:

“Regarding my new career, please see the following few lines which also include a short background.

“So I started law school online with Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne late last year. I was due to travel to France in May of this year for exams, but due to covid-19 they exceptionally held all exams online. Having studied communications helps a great deal with law school because it is a whole lot of writing. Communications requires you to be able to organize and structure your thoughts in a synthetic way so that your reader can follow your line of thoughts. That is an essential part of legal writing. Nonetheless legal studies hasn’t been easy for me as it requires me to learn and understand a history and culture in which I didn’t grow up. Take for example French Constitutional law or History of French Political Parties. They are intimately tied to French history.

I moved to Haiti from NY in 2019 for a contract with a children’s media programming company. During my time in Haiti, I’ve also had the opportunity to work and learn from my mother who is an attorney with over 30 years experience. .

Today, I focus more on my mother’s practice, trying to match what I’m studying with the cases we handle.

The biggest change for me in the legal field is the question of privacy and confidentiality. In the communications field, I’m used to publicizing and announcing nearly everything i.e. new client, new milestone, new project, new ad campaign etc… In the legal field everything is between you and the client and any other party directly involved. And in fact, in some cases too much buzz around your work can hinder your work. Certain things such as a divorce may need to be published in the local newspaper but it is not a publication as you’d do for a brand.

Good luck to you, Jaury!


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